The Host (Korean movie with English subtitle)

Film Director: Bong Joon-Ho
Cast: Bae Du-Na, Song Kang-Ho, Byeon Hie-Bong, Park Hae
Released: 2006
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Running Time: 119 mins
Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English, Korean

Seoul 2006. Hee-bong runs a snack bar on the banks of the Han River where he lives with his family. Gang-du, his elder son, is an immature and somewhat slow-witted fellow of 40. Nam-joo, his daughter, is an archery champion and member of the national team. Nam-il, his last son, is an unemployed shirker. They all are overprotective of little Hyun-seo, the daughter of Gang-du, whose wife left home long ago. One day, an unidentified monster suddenly appears from the depths of the River Han and spreads panic and death. Little Hyun-seo is carried off by the monster and disappears before her father’s very eyes. Hee-bong’s family has lost what was dearest to them. They decide to wage a crusade against the monster.

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