The Grudge 2 ( Ju-On 2) (Japanese with English sub)

The cover is too scary so I didn't want to post it here, might cause someone to have a heart attack. If you are not into horror movies, please don't watch the trailer below. I am not responsible for any nightmares you may have.

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Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
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Ing - Korean with English subtitle

Running Time : 110 min
Director : LEE Eon-hee

IM Soo-jung as Min-ah
KIM Rae-won as Young-jae
LEE Mi-sook as Mi-sook

Min-ah is a high school student who has just been transferred from another school. She is quiet and keeps to herself as she has a deformed hand and has spent most of her life in the hospital battling a life-threatening disease. She lives with her mother Mi-sook, who is widowed. Mother and daughter share a close and intimate relationship, and Mi-sook wishes for Min-ah to experience all aspects of life, including first love.
Min-ah befriends Young-jae, the new neighbour downstairs, and starts to experience her first love. However, everything is short-lived as Min-ah finds out that she is dying...

English Hardsub

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100 Days with Mr. Arrogant (Korean with English sub)

AKA: Slave Love
AKA: My Love Ssagajy
Year: 2004
Director: Shin Dong-Yeop
Cast: Ha Ji-Won, Kim Jae-Won, Kim Tae-Hyun, Han Min, Yong Seon-Hee, Hong Ji-Young, Kim Chang-Wan, Lee Eung-Kyung
Story: Ha-young, a high school student, wishes to meet her prince charming, and one day her dream comes true. Sort of. She’s having ‘one of those days’, when she hits Hyung-joon, a university student, who is driving his expensive Lexus430. The car ends up against a wall with a scratch on the front. Ha-young, miraculously escapes the scene and leaves behind a furious Hyung-joon.
Hyung-joon is not ready to let this go and decides to track down Ha-young and make her pay for the reparation. Ha-young unfortunately doesn’t have the money Hyung-joon wants, so between them, they sign an agreement. Ha-young has to be Hyung-joon’s slave for the next hundred days. Cleaning his house and his car, carrying his shopping bags and even assisting him with his school reports, it will be a nightmare for Ha-young, until she discovers that Hyung-joon lied about the price of the reparations. From then on, it’s payback time for Ha-young.

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Jackie Chan - Wong Fei Hung (from Mulan)

Everyone knows Jackie Chan as one of the most well-known martial masters, but most of them are not aware of his singing career. So I decided to post this Music Video, a song called Wong Fei Hung (from Mulan).

If you want to download this clip and share it with your friends, click here to download it.

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Jisatsu saakuru - Suicide Circle (Japanese - English sub)

Also Known As:
Suicide Club (International: English title) (USA) (festival title)
Suicide Circle (USA)
MPAA: Rated R for disturbing thematic elements, strong violence/grisly images and some language.
Runtime: 99 min
Country: Japan
Color: Color

SUICIDE CIRCLE is another Japanese movie that's gaining notoriety for pushing the limits of film violence ever further. In recent years we've had AUDITION, BATTLE ROYALE, VERSUS, ICHI THE KILLER and now this.
One day in May, 54 Japanese happy and healthy school girls line up along the platform of a Shinjuku subway station and simultaneously throw themselves under a speeding train, in an opening sequence quite unlike any other. Gruesome hardly begins to describe the scene. Thankfully the low budget doesn't allow them to show the carnage in *too* much detail. A little later in the day, two nurses throw themselves out of a hospital window for no particular reason.
The police are mystified - the body count is rising and no particular connection between the victims is apparent... no motive or pattern. But a phone call tips them off to a strange website that counts the suicides...before they happen. This raises the question - are they really suicides at all.
SUICIDE CIRCLE is part horror movie, part detective mystery, part social criticism, part philosophy and mostly very strange. The director apparently normally directs gay porn for a living, so it's not surprising that he brings a different set of rules to his feature film than the average movie maker. The film is decidedly confrontational, presenting a complicated
structure that opens up lots of questions and rarely lets out any answers. Why would these people commit suicide? The film challenges you to look for the answer inside yourself, rather than handing you some neat solution. The movie perhaps suffers from being too obtuse, but not at least from being too conventional.
The movie has been compared with BATTLE ROYALE, which is not entirely unreasonable given the themes and overall shock factor. SUICIDE CIRCLE is definitely not in the same class, but then it didn't have a director with the talent and experience of Kinji Fukasaku. Like BATTLE ROYALE, the violence and gore is likely to be the thing that gets the movie the most
infamy. Not quite as much on display here, but some seriously OTT blood and guts in places. Not for the faint of heart or stomach. The acting is probably the place where the quality gap is widest between the two movies - Fukasaku gets fantastic performances from his entire cast, but Sono Sion gets average to downright poor performances from his. He's sometimes
directing kids as young as 5 or 6 though, which has got to be harder work.
Various things like the acting keep SUICIDE CIRCLE from being great work, but it is definitely an interesting and unique one. Plenty of blood and guts and a little bit of food for the mind as well. The message and meaning here isn't sufficiently deep (or clear) for me to recommend the movie to anybody that would have a hard time getting past the shock moments to appreciate it. For those who like a little carnage with their breakfast, though, this is the latest one to watch, and is somewhat recommended.

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Scary one, for those who don't like horror movies, please do not watch it or else, I don't know!
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The easiest $20 you will ever make in your life - Amazing ( I swear on my blog's reputation)

Click on the image for a larger view.

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If you do have an Ebay account for over 12 months or a feedback over 10, hurry up and email me at Gotta be quick before the promotion is over. THIS IS FOR REAL.
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Whispering Corridors 4

Also Known As:
High School Girl's Ghost Story (International: English title) (literal title)
Whispering Corridors (UK)

Whispering Corridors takes place in an all-girls school in Korea. As the film opens, we see a teacher, who is making a frantic phone call and babbling about a ghost, brutally murdered. As the story unfolds, we meet the principal characters, who are students in the murdered teacher's class. Ji-oh (Gyu-ri Kim) is a cool girl who befriends shy Jae-yi (Se-yeon Choi). So-young (Jin-hie Park) is the best student in the school, having surpassed Jung-sook (Ji-hye Yun), who now acts very odd. Also joining this mix is Eun-young (Mi-yeon Lee) is a graduate of the school who has returned there to teach. The girls go through their daily lives, dealing with school and evil teachers, while Eun-young begins to realize that something strange is going on in the school. Based on the evidence that she finds, Eun-young suspects that an old classmate of hers, Jin-ju, is haunting the school.

Cast: Park Ki-hyung, Lee Mi-yeon, Kim Gyu-ri, Park Jin-hie, Park Young-soo
MPAA: Rated R for violence and some language.
Runtime: 105 min
Country: South Korea
Subtitle: English

Download here:
Part1     Part2     Part3     Part4

Recommended to watch with your bf/gf. DO NOT watch it alone.
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The Uninvited (Korean with English sub)

Jeong-won is a man with no memory of his childhood and his real family. At the beginning of the film he witnesses the deaths of two young girls. He begins seeing the girls dead bodies sitting at his kitchen table. He meets Yeon, a narcoleptic who is a witness in a infant murder case. She can also see the "ghosts" and he soon finds out she is psychic and can also help him recover his lost memories. After realising his horrific past Jeong-won cannot escape the miserable circumstances of his life, and is left in utter loneliness.

Film Director(s): Lee Soo-You
Released: 2003
Genre: Horror
Cast: Park Shin-Yang, Jun Ji-Hyun
Running Time: 120 mins (approx.)
Languages: Korean
Subtitles: English

Download here:

Since the file is in wmv format, the total size of the movie is not big. But the quality is still good enough to scare the crap out of you. Enjoy the movie, recommend to watch this with another person, your boyfriend or girlfriend. Do not watch it alone. LOL
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My Scary Girl (Korean with English Sub)

A timid college lecturer, Dae-woo, who is smart but has never been in love, meets a mysterious but charming woman, Mi-na. With no skills to win a date, he asks her out awkwardly. To his surprise, she accepts. And as a first time lover, he behaves very unnaturally. However, as they fall in love, Dae-woo discovers some disquieting things about Mi-na. Although she claims to be an intellectual and an artist, she has never heard of Crime and Punishment, nor has she heard of Mondrian although one of his paintings hangs in her living room. But Mi-na has even more terrible secrets.

Year: 2006
Director: Son Jae-Gon
Actors: Park Yong-Woo, Choi Kang-Hee and Cho Eun-Ji
Length: 110 min
Sub: English

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Dragon Squad (Hong Kong - English sub)

A team of young Interpol agents arrive in Hong Kong to give testimony at the trial of Tiger, a local crime lord, when the heavily armed convoy taking Tiger to court is attacked by a ruthless team of North Korean agents. The leader, Petrol, is an international terrorist seeking revenge for his brother in arms who was killed by the crime lord. After Tiger is snatched, the Interpol team insists on tracking down Petros themselves, but he uses every available weapon, including Tiger's girlfriend, to outmaneuver his foes.

Director: Daniel Lee Yan-Kong
Producer: Catherine Hun, James Moy, Steven Seagal
Writer: Daniel Lee Yan-Kong
Action: Chin Kar-Lok
Cast: Vanness Wu, Shawn Yu Man-Lok, Eva Huang Shengyi, Lawrence Chou, Chun-Wai, Sammo Hung Kam-Bo, Michael Biehn, Simon Yam Tat-Wah,Huh Jun-Ho, Lee Bing-Bing, Isabella Leong, Ken Tong Chun-Yip, Liu Chia-Hui, Andy On Chi-Kit, Liu Kai-Chi, Tony Ho Wah-Chiu, Bey Logan.

Download here:
Part 1      
Part 2
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Sex is Zero (Korean - English sub)

Eun-shik is a 28 year old college student, always ending up in awkward situations, especially once he falls for one of the most popular girls on campus, an aerobics dancer, Eun-hyo. Eun-shik’s group of friends, a team of martial arts performers, end up going out with Eun-hyo’s friends, while Eun-shik is left pining after Eun-hyo over her obligatory jerk of a boyfriend.

A little advice about humor is necessary for Yoon Je-gyun’s execution. Sex is Zero’s screenwriter better take down some notes too. You need a pretty damn solid joke to get a laugh if viewers see it coming from a mile away. Any of those awkward sexual walk-ins, or gross-out eating slapstick is simply not going to cut it when one banks on this strategy for most of the film. When Eun-shik squirts ketchup in a suggestive place on a poster of a woman, and empties the bottle, its simply an annoying, cringe-worthy matter to grudgingly wait for the build-up to a surprise walk-in while he’s licking. All too common scenes like this are more likely to be met with groans. As a viewer, entertainment is always my number one priority for a film, so turning off the brain and watching is never a problem. Even so, most of the humor in Sex is Zero is just derivative, predictable and just filler for an interesting story. The overall plot and characters spell out light fun, and the gross-out humor adds to this, but it is hardly worthy to generate more than a few laughs. It’s definitely not excrutiating enough to compel the viewer to shut off the film half-way through, but the failed humor does count against it. When the humor does occasionally surprise, it just goes a long way to prove my point. Seeing Eun-hyo notice Eun-shik conspicuously checking her out, and her rice-spitting inducement that follows, is definitely a hilarious moment that gives us a taste of higher quality humor that never continues later on.

As the film descends into more serious substance, the turn-around wasn’t particularly drastic in my case, as much of the film was spent without laughing anyway. For those expecting pranks and sexual hijinx to continue for the entire film American Pie style, they will be shocked to find a serious plot twist that can destroy the light fun of the film as it slips into a bit of melodrama on a number of occasions. The part of the film that seemed to hold it together and compel the viewer to finish was the story. Even though the film takes cues from American Pie, Bring it On or any teen sex comedy you can think of, and ups it a notch in explicit images, it still delivers a nice feeling from the director. It feels like he’s reliving his college days with a touch of fantasy added to his experiences. Even though the goofy nature of the film sends off a vibe that most everything is contrived, it works fine as a breezy way to kill 90 minutes without any pretentious attempts at quality filmmaking.

Country: South Korea
Year: 2003
Genre: Comedy
Director: Yun Je Gyun
Cast: Chang Jung, Ha Jin Won, Choi Seong-Guk, Jin Jae-Yeong

Download here:
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5
Remember to use Rapget or US downloader for a faster download. Thanks.
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