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The Perfect Couple (aka The Best Romance - Korean with English Sub)

Movie : The Perfect Couple / Choegang-romance (Best Romance) / 최강로맨스
Release Date : January 25, 2007
Country : South Korea
Director : Jung-Woo Kim
Starring : Dong-Wook Lee, Yeong Hyeon
Run Time : 113 Minutes

Soo-Jin, a young news reporter, takes a break from her job by indulging in one of the finest of Korean street vendor delicacies - the skewered fish sausage (odang). While talking on her cellphone and eating the skewered fish sausage, Soo-Jin is in for a rude awakening of sorts. A cop named Jae-Hyuk is frantically chasing a drug dealer on foot when he inadvertently crashes into Soo-Jin. The skewered fish sausage becomes lodged into Jae-Hyuk’s abdomen.
To make matters worse, Jae-Hyuk suffers from an acute fear of sharp pointed objects. He finds it difficult to even look at a fork or knife and was barely able to get into the police department because of his phobia. When Jae-Hyuk sees the fish sausage lodged into his abdomen he passes out immediately. Soo-Jin causes a minor storm by reporting this incident on her television show and on the Internet.
Thus the romance between Soo-Jin and Jae-Hyuk begins.

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