Unfair - The Answer [J-movie/2011]

Running Time: 1 hour 49 min
Release: 2011
Audio: Japanese
Subtitle: English
Video format: AVI - Xvid - 2 pass
File size: 1.36GB

Natsumi Yukihira (Ryoko Shinohara) is one top rated detective while working for Metropolitan Police Department, and is currently working for the criminal division at Hokkaido. Meanwhile, central Tokyo receives a shocking news: a bizarre murder in which the nails are driven into the victims' body.

Fingerprint are taken from the victims and Kazuo Sato (Teruyuki Kagawa), who is Natsumi's ex-husband is also involved in this case. He keeps a USB memory stick that contains the sensitive information about the police force and hands it over to her. Soon, Natsumi becomes the serial murder suspect...


Personal Opinion:
A very good movie for those who enjoy solving crimes. Very interesting plot and have some unexpected twists in the end. A great movie over all

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Password: iloveasian.blogspot.com
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I am back - New movies and new sharing hosts

 As you all know, the largest file-sharing host megaupload was taken down earlier this year. Soon after that, many other sharing websites have shut down as well. Some of the biggest websites that share Asian movies are now gone, I find it very difficult to find new Asian movies nowadays. Therefore I decided to start blogging again to upload and share "only" some of the newest and hottest Asian movies. Since my internet is super slow (yes, I am still using Comcast cable with uploading speed around 300kps ;( so pathetic), I can only share movies with low quality (dvdrip, mini-HD). I wish I can share those nice bluray and 1080p movies, but i will take too long for me. Thus, please do not request movies in higher resolution or quality because I won't respond to those requests.

And for file hosts, I have not been able to find any decent hosting services except for depositfiles which I think is very good and stable. The secondary hosting service will be filesharing which I never used but I decided to choose this because you can download files faster with IDM even for free users. They only problem is that slots for free users are only limited, so I urge you to sign up for a free account so that you can download with them. You can click on the banners above to sign up with both of them, free or premium accounts, whichever you want.

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