My Teacher - To stir, with love (K-movie with English subtitle)

Cast:Oh Mi-Hee,Seo Young-Hee, Lee Ji-Hyeon(a), Yeo Hyeon-Su, Lee Dong-Gyu, Park Hyo-Jun, Yu Seol-Ah, Jang Seong-Won

Six twenty-something characters are invited for a party by their elementary school classmate Mi-ja, who has been caring for her former teacher Ms. Park, now infirm and wheelchair-bound. The guests turn out to be a motley crew of losers and basket cases, however. Worse, each of them bears a serious grudge against Ms. Park. Sun-hee, traumatized by the teacher’s public taunting of her baby fat, has become addicted to plastic surgery and suffers from bulimia. Park Hyo-jun ruined his leg while being punished by Ms. Park and had to fold his childhood dream of becoming an ace baseball player. Se-ho and Eun-young, now a couple, are still struggling against the memories of insults and put-downs regarding their poverty. Even Myung-ho, an obvious teacher’s pet, is trying to medicate away the nightmares involving Ms. Park’s creepy “affection.” And wouldn’t you know it, she used to keep her horribly deformed child in the basement, whose current whereabouts are unknown. Soon, someone wearing the kid’s paper-cut rabbit mask starts to make salami and head cheese slices out of the characters (credit to for sypnosis).

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