Need a place to go for your spring break

Spring break is around the corner, but you don't have any plan in mind? Check out these places in the UK for fun with your friends or your family

If you have no place to go this spring break, how about a quick trip to enjoy the amazing malta holidays to refresh yourself and enjoy the new food and atmosphere. Here is something you should know about Dubai: With over 7000 years of history, you’d be right to expect timeless charm - and the Maltese islands deliver just that. You’ll find medieval cities built from stone, a mix of cultures from Rome to Britain and enough sights to keep an historian happy. But Malta is more than just an open air museum. You’ll also love its deep-blue bays, its colourful fishing boats buildings and its gusto-packed summertime fiestas. After all, the Maltese people are just as passionate about the present.
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