Bid to win your favorite items and win cool prizes

Are you an EBAY addict or just another person in this world that would like to save your money by bidding auction online? Now you can bid to win your favorite items but also cool prizes at the same time with Bid4Prizes.

Apple iPhone at lowest bid with 6 month service plan for free. You can bid for this absolutely amazing and extremely cool phone through the wonderful service of Bid4Prizes here. And here is how to play to win cool prizes with Bid4Prizes. All you need to do is get the lowest unique bid for the any prize and you win! And here is an example: The lowest unique bid for every prize starts out at one penny - but if more than one person bids a penny, then that penny is no longer the lowest unique bid and 2 cents is. If more than one person bids 2 cents then 3 cents is the next lowest unique bid. And so on and so on. The winning bid could be anything, it could be a penny, or $1.05 even $500.22! Whatever is the lowest UNIQUE bid wins the prize!
It sounds really complicated but it is actually easy. All you need to do is click on your favorite prizes at Bid4Prizes then enter your cell number and your bid in cents. As an example you want to bid $1.77 on the Plasma TV, so enter your cell number in the phone field and your bid, 177, in the bid field. Last click bid now and bid4prizes will send you a text message telling you whether or not you have the lowest unique bid. Or you can also bid by text messaging from your own cellphone at your own convenience. Just read carefully the instruction page and bid your Unique bidding price.
And if you are lucky enough to win the prize, Bid4Prizes even pays for the shipping. As with winning any prize taxes may apply. Check with your state tax department or with your financial advisor to determine if taxes apply or not.
Take out your cellphone now and start your luck at winning cool prizes.

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