The Twins (Korean movie with English sub)

Cast: Jung Jun Ho, Park Jeong Soo, Yoon So I
Audio: Korean
Subtitle: English
Running Time: 122 mins
Released: 2005 [Korea]
Genre: Comedy

Jeong Jun-ho (Marrying the Mafia and The Legend of Evil Lake) takes on challenging dual roles, playing two brothers who may look identical, but are like night and day when it comes to their individual personalities! The arrogant Hyon Su is clearly the more successful of the two; he's a top student who's on the verge of graduating with honors and going on to study law at Seoul University. His twin Myon Su, however, isn't quite a model student. In fact, he's not even in school, having quit sometime during middle school. Rather than crack open a book, this rough-around-the-edges dropout spends his days cracking heads working as a bouncer at a nearby brothel. But when he's not protecting hookers and local vendors from gangster interference, Myon Su helps out at his mother's little restaurant near the train station

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