How to play a subtitile with VLC player

Lately, I've been getting emails asking me how to play a movie with subtitle (extension .srt) with a video player. There are two ways:

1. Windows Media Player: first you have to download Vobsub and install this program. Then, put the subtitle file and the video file in the same folder. Once they are in the same folder, just double click the video file to play the movie, the subtitle will be played automatically.

2. VLC: different from Windows Media Player, when you use VLC, the subtitle file doesn't have to be in the same folder as the video file. But to make it easier, I recommend you to have both of the files in the same place. First, download and install VLC player (you can find it in the useful tools section in the side bar). Then double click the VLC icon, then click "File", then choose "Open File" or "Ctrl-F". First, choose the video file you want to open, then check the "Use a subtitles file". Then click ok.

I prefer to use Windows Media Player to play the subtitle because it's easier to control with Vobsub. But sometimes, when you can only use VLC to play the video part, then you can use the second method to play the subtitle. I hope this helps you guys and enjoy more upcoming movies.

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