Kung Fu Hustle [C-movie/2004] (Reup) - The funniest movie

Running Time: 95 mins
Release: December 20, 2004
Audio: Chinese (Cantonese)
Subtitle: English
Video format: DVD Rip (avi)
File size: 700mb

A bumbling thief named Sing (Stephen_Chow) desires to be the toughest member of the dreaded gangster hit squad known as The Axe Gang, but to completely join the gang he has to commit murder. When Sing attempts to rob a crowded run-down apartment complex known as Pig Sty Alley, the locals begin to defend themselves with some high-flying kung fu skills, and a tiny war erupts between the local masters and the axe-wielding gang. After the gang busts the ancient kung fu king known as The Beast (Leung_Siu_Lung) out of jail, tensions reach a boiling point as Pig Sty Alley's landlady (Yuen_Qiu) leads an all-out attack against the gang and Sing discovers his true heroic fate.


Personal Opinion:
If you don't know who Stephen Chow is, then you probably don't know how funny he is. He is my favorite Chinese actor of all times. I have watched all of his movie and Kung-Fu Hustle is probably one of his best movies. If I have to describe how awesome and funny this movie is, I probably have to write an essay to describe it. So just trust me, download and watch this movie, you won't regret it.

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