Unfair - The Answer [J-movie/2011]

Running Time: 1 hour 49 min
Release: 2011
Audio: Japanese
Subtitle: English
Video format: AVI - Xvid - 2 pass
File size: 1.36GB

Natsumi Yukihira (Ryoko Shinohara) is one top rated detective while working for Metropolitan Police Department, and is currently working for the criminal division at Hokkaido. Meanwhile, central Tokyo receives a shocking news: a bizarre murder in which the nails are driven into the victims' body.

Fingerprint are taken from the victims and Kazuo Sato (Teruyuki Kagawa), who is Natsumi's ex-husband is also involved in this case. He keeps a USB memory stick that contains the sensitive information about the police force and hands it over to her. Soon, Natsumi becomes the serial murder suspect...


Personal Opinion:
A very good movie for those who enjoy solving crimes. Very interesting plot and have some unexpected twists in the end. A great movie over all

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