Autumn in my Heart

Starring: Song Seung-heon, Song Hye-gyo, Won Bin..
Total: 16 Episodes
Language: Korean
with English Hardsub

Two girls whose destiny had been switched for 14 years. Their relationship was destined. Two girls were born on the same day of October, lived in same town, and were classmates in same school. Eun-suh was happy with her life while Sin-ae wasn't. One day Eun-suh got an accident and her parents found out that her blood type was different from theirs. So the whole truth came out and the parents found out Eun-suh and Sin-ae had been switched. Eun-suh's elder brother Jun-suh was the most confused one since he really loved his little sister Eun-suh.
Jun-seo is thrown into utter confusion after learning that his younger sister was mistakenly switched with another baby when she was just born. His heart-wrenching love toward the woman he always thought to be his blood sister one day evolves into agony over the love that may never be consummated.
Eun-seo's destiny was mistakenly changed right after her birth. After living for 14 years with the people she regarded her birth parents and blood brother, she finds herself in a completely different environment, all by herself, with a good-for-nothing brother and a step-mother, who swears all the time. But this sad character finds a way to survive thanks to her uniquely outgoing personality and strong will.

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