Windstruck - Korean with English subtitle

Country : South-Korea
Year: 2004
Genre: Romantic Comedy / Drama
Running Time: 2H03
Date reviewed: 02/02/05
Director: Jae-Young Kwak
Cast: Jeon Ji-hyun, Hyuk Jang, Su-ro Kim, Ki-woo Lee, Ye-jin Im, Chang-wan Kim

The starting has Yeo Kyung Jin leaping off a skyscraper. Why? She recalls the past.
A woman screamed that someone snatched her handbag. Despite explaining that he is chasing the thief, Kyung Jin doesn’t believe him and arrests him. It is so hilarious. First, she throws her slippers – one hit an innocent passer-by while another hit Go Myung Woo, causing him to stop. Next, she uses her towel to tie him together with a hair brush after spraying hair shampoo at his eyes.
She brings him back to the station proudly but her colleagues suspect her of making a mistake, just like other moments. The victim looks at Myung Woo suspiciously as she also remembers that he isn’t the one. The air is cleared when Myung Woo draws sketches of the robber. The others are impressed and they want him to do for them. And he does for all –except for Myung Woo because he is still angry with her!
He becomes a physics teacher in a secondary school. He joins the police force and is involved in voluntarily work to track down problem students. On his first shift, he is dismayed to pair with Kyung Jin. The two stroll the street and one group of delinquents are attracted to her. They whistle at her and throw cigarette butts on the ground. You will be amused when the timid Myung Woo decides to avoid them but the furious Kyung Jin demands them to pick them up.
When they refuse, she beats them up badly as she can never tolerate their behaviour. She is bent on punishing them so she handcuffs Myung Woo’s hand together with hers. After seeking her revenge, both return to the police station to find the spare key missing. One kid’s father is a ganglord whom the others will not dare to offend. Sure enough, the father comes with his men.
Myung Woo tries to make Kyung Jin apologise to the fellow but to no avail. Upon seeing her going to flare up, he pacifies her. But… the end, he gets provoked instead. You will be tongue-tied to see him to be the one seizing the gun to point at the fellow’s head. He demands the man to apologise to Kyung Jin and she is impressed by his guts. Myung Woo is relieved when they get the keys from her colleague.
The following scene have both patrolling the street again. Myung Woo is worried that she might run into trouble again. Sure indeed she sees a drug trafficker and wants to shadow him. Myung Woo has wanted to inform her other colleagues but she is so career minded that she doesn’t wish any to share her credit. The poor soul has to climb walls with her.
Finally, she finds the man with his gang, wanting to exchange a deal at a warehouse. She demands them to stop – even knowing that she is alone. The usual happens – one man starts a gunshot and the rest start killing each other. The mastermind flees and the drug trafficker is fuming mad. He is actually an undercover and demands to know which unit she comes from. Kyung Jin is silent this time because she is in the wrong. They return to the police station and there is no spare key …… again!
This is so hilarious when they have to visit the toilet together. They have to adjust to each other brushing the teeth and washing the face. Even when they are sleeping on separate beds, they are still linked by the handcuff. However, you will have another surprise in store again. Kyung Jin wakes up, yawns and loosens the handcuff! But she doesn’t notice it and slips her hand back again while Myung Woo is still asleep.
Both are in love and Myung Woo’s students tease him when she brings food for him. He is about to see her after work when she informs him that she is running after two robbers. Worrying about her safety and knowing that she is reckless, he rushes to the scene. He tries calling out to her but ends up confronting the robber instead. One of them is already captured while another tries to hide between the walls. He gets stuck there. Myung Woo doesn’t want to lose him and follow suit.
He ends up in the same situation. The robber is initially delighted to get another victim but is dismayed when he can’t reach Myung Woo. The police finally nap him and Myung Woo is miserable when others ask what he is doing there. He visits Kyung Jin’s home and learns that she had a twin sister who died after taking a test on her behalf during her high school days. From then on, she has not wanted to touch the black pieces on the piano again. Myung Woo pretends that her food tastes good although it is too hot for him. He makes a paper plane from papers in her magazine and also teaches her how to make paper windmills.
She reads a story to him. Be prepared to see how they are dressed as fairy-tale characters. I shall not disclose the story here as I think I have said too much. anyway, the tale is quite impressive in a fantasy mode involving computer effects.
Myung Woo gets a jeep and wants to tour in it. He asks Kyung Jin to join him. They come to the mountain top and he tells her that he will turn into the wind to surround her even though he may not be around anymore. They stay in a village house and he tries to kiss her, closing his eyes. He ends up kissing a piece of burning branch that she holds and his lips get swollen.
They still continue their journey even though there is thunder and lightning. can assure you that this act is so deliberate that you can’t take it. They are the only people on the road and Myung Woo’s car sinks in the sea. His head is injured and he loses consciousness. Kyung Jin tries to revive him by saving him and is desperate when his heart stops. She finally makes him alive again and bursts into tears. I thought the story would stop here …but no……, she comes in face to face with the mastermind. Myung Woo knows it and hurries there. Kyung Jin accidentally shoots him after the mastermind shoots him too. He dies during the operation and she tries to kill herself with her gun. Luckily her colleagues stop her. They transfer her to another unit and she works with another partner. If you think that the cop looks like Jang Hak, you’re wrong. He is a middle-aged man who is 10 years older than her and doesn’t shave himself.
They come to face with criminals and even the police cars can’t stop them. Kyung Jin’s partner is spellbound upon seeing her stopping the car midst in the street and shoot non-stop at the criminals. The oil tank in the criminals’ car breaks and the oil spills. Kyung Jin’s partner is too shocked so he drops his cigarette, causing a big fire and finally an explosion instead. She looks cool in here.
Kyung Jin hasn’t given up killing herself. She goes to the highest skyscraper and wants to jump off from there. You will laugh when you see hooligans harassing her at this moment. They demand her to give them her money since she is going to die. She can’t put up with their behaviour and runs after them. Laugh when they say that her panties are purple in colour but she corrects them!
Knowing that they run away from home, she gives them a treat and some money to return home. She returns to the same place and jumps off from there. She ends up on a float and sees a paper aeroplane leading her home. She recognizes it as Myung Woo and knows that soon the death anniversary of the 49th day is up soon. She waits eagerly to meet him then.
She finally sees the mastermind and gives chase. The fellow takes a baby as a hostage and Kyung Jin is shot while trying to save the baby. The man tries to flee in the lift but her partner comes out from there to shoot him. This is unexpected as her partner has injured his arm and is all along a timid man. What gives him the guts – I wonder too. He pleads with Kyung Woo to wake up – he has something to tell her. which we never know in the end as it isn’t stated but we know that he is married!
Her pulse nearly stops. Suddenly, she can see Myung Woo on a bus. She runs after him to get ignored. Why? He has lost along after the shooting incident and decides not to implicate her to take care of him so he fakes his own death. She is in despair. You are tricked!! She is still in a coma so this is only a dream.
She wakes up and is recovering. She returns home and sees wind blowing in to cause all the windmills to move. The paper plane is still there. Myung Woo appears, telling her to take care of herself. He is always around in the form of wind to protect her from harm but she has to face the fact that he is dead. He will come in the form of another person, hopefully, to take care of her.
She takes the MTR to work, wondering what he means. Her sixth sense tells her that someone is approaching when she is standing too close to the yellow line. The person is afraid that she might try to kill herself and comes to her. She looks at him and smiles. I have expected to see Jang Hak’s face……but I saw Tai Hyun’s face instead. This is the only arrangement that I applaud. The outcome is truly unexpected.

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phong said...

Can we have the English subtitle for this movie? Thanks a lot.

bob said...

hey man sorry to be a bother but I cant get windstruck to work..since it is in a .rar i tried to decompress it but it ends up saying that the file is corrupt

azian said...

try to redownload the corrupted file and extract them again.