Korean drama "Goong" made it to the Yahoo front page

I was so suprised to see the poster of "Goong" in my Yahoo page today, it's now 1:32AM but I couldn't just go to sleep after seeing the article. I am really happy that Asian movies are finally being noticed for their unique and difference. And here is the article that I'm talking about, and please let me know what you think after reading this.

Mad for Princess Hours
By Vera HC Chan
Mon, January 08, 2007, 2:04 pm PST

Love denied. Arranged marriages. Scheming power struggles between women with lots of hair spray. And in the middle of it all, a Cinderella and her Crown Prince who just wants—let's say it together—to direct.

Those who hallyu know of what we speak. Soaps have been the latest tsunami in the South Korean pop culture wave, and searchers have been intimate with past telenovelas like "My Name is Kim Sam Soon," "Princess Lulu," "Winter Sonata" and "Jewel in the Palace."

Now, a year after after its original airing, TV dramedy "Princess Hours," based on the ongoing comic "Goong," has returned to swamp the Buzz, with enraptured fans in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago pushing the show into the top 350 searches. Lasting a mere 24 episodes, the drama reimagines a present in which royal line didn't end with Japanese colonization. Not everyone may be a fan, but most agree that the dramedy reeks of cutesy stars and big-budget glam opulence.

The show was made to appeal to Japanese audiences, according to Yonhap News, but "Princess Hours" has been a global phenom. DVD/VCD sales have blown past the quarter-million mark, even as it airs in wider Asian and American markets. With its availability in an American-compatible DVD format (a first for a Korean telenovela), English-speakers can now understand the Crown Prince's pain when he tells Chae-kyeong, "Watching you sit and ask for forgiveness there, it'd make me want to puke."

Anticipation and searches are already up for the sequel—another first for a Korean soap —called "Prince Hours." Meanwhile, some of us are just waiting for the MadTV spoof.

So what do you think about Asian movies, or seeing this posted in the front page of Yahoo.

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lovely_brat69 said...

hey just saw this post...its 1:45 am...lol..anyways i also just saw this post and WOW. i'm so happy yahoo posted this. Korean dramas are becoming more popular in the states and why not korean drama are awesome. i love GOONG

super_junior_girly said...

wow korea become so famous in america.i am really impressed.