- A new way to send your files

Do you usually send large file transfers over the internet? Do you want to keep your file safe, well protected, and easy to download when you need it? has an Enterprise Plan that offers many great protections and advantages as well. Compared to other services such as,, etc..., SendThisFile seems to be better since it has been in file transfer business for over three years. and are new, they have been around for about a year or two and still trying to perfect their services.
I also found SendThisFile to be the best for business needs because of its solid architecture that ensures stability and high availability, affordable price, friendly technical support, and scalable custom solutions.
The Enterprise Plan also offers many other great features such as File Box, Incoming File Email, File Transfer Report. And one of the most important thing, your files will be safe and protected with their 128-bit SSL end-to-end encryption system.
Don't hesitate and register for a free account now and test them before you upgrade your plan. Feel safe and SendThisfile now.

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