Mr. Housewife (Comedy K-movie with English subtitle)

Other name: Quiz King, Miseuteo Jubu Kwijeuwang
Director: Yu Seon-dong
Cast: Han Seok-gyu, Sin Eun-gyeong, Gong Hyeong-jin
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 107 min
Production Year: 2005

A housewife...Euh Man Jin-Man does all the jobs a woman is supposed to do while his wife works around the clock to support the family with money. One day he loses the family savings and has no clue how to get the money back, until his friend decides he should participate with a tvshow for housewifes. With no other options he dresses up as a woman and wins the preliminaries. But unfortunately the TVhosts find out before the show starts and almost try to disqualify him until they find it a good idea for him to be the first man on the show. Jin Man happily joins the show, but will his wife like it?

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Download here:
CD1: Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7 Part8
CD2: Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7 Part8

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Salim said...

Hello AzianGenius...
First, thank you for all the movies you've posted and for the page.
Second, The Part1 of CD2 is down, coud you re-upload it please????

Anonymous said...

Tardio from Spain: Please, impossible to download the part1 in CD2. Would you please to solve it? Thank you.