Tufenkian Semi Annual Rug Sale 2007 - Save big

Haven't heard about Tufenkian Rugs? Tufenkian Rugs are handmade rugs from Tibet, they reflect modern designs, contemporary flair and sensuous share for your room. Here is your opportunity to buy real handmade Tufenkian rugs with 10% off semi-annual sale in Scottsdale Arizona, Los Angeles and New York City.

Unlike other companies that use child labor to produce handmade products, Tufenkian company DOES NOT use child labor. Your home's decoration will not be completed without the sensuousness of a handmade Tibet Rugs. But affordable handmade rugs aren't easy to find. But you can save big with the Rugs for sale Los Angeles at additional 10% if you register for a new account at http://www.luxrug.com. Buy now and save big with Luxrug, don't miss your chance to own the world's finest handmade rugs.

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