Barefoot Gi Bong (Korean movie with English subtitle)

Director: Kwon Su-gyeong
Cast: Sin Hyeon-jun, Kim Su-mi, Im Ha-ryong, Tak Jae-hun, Kim Hyo-jin
Release Date : July 24, 2006
Audio : Korean
Subtitle : English
Running time: 99 min

Gi-bong, an old bachelor, lives with his elderly mother in the beautiful village of Daraengi. He suffered from fever when he was a child and has the intelligence of an 8-year-old boy. Villagers call him "Barefoot Gi-bong" because he runs fast barefooted in order to bring food to his mother before the food becomes cold. Everyday he takes care of his mother with his whole heart, preparing water for washing up, getting wood for the fuel, and washing clothes. Though they live a poor life, they are thankful everyday of their life and wear a smile. One day, Gi-bong, who is confident of running for his mother, wins a prize by accident in the regional marathon competition. After that, he decides to buy false teeth for his mother through winning the prize in the National Amateur Half Marathon competition. Mr. Baek, the village chief, trains Gi-bong, and Gi-bong works hard running around the village for his mother


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