Romantic Assassins (Korean Comedy movie)

Title: Romantic Assassins aka Romantic Killers
Starring: Kim Min-Jong, Choe Seong-Guk, Jin Jae-Young
Director: Yun Je-Gyun
Studio: I Vision Entertainment
Rating: 18+
Genre: Action, Comedy
Year: 2003
Audio: Korean
Subtitle: English
Running Time: 145 minutes

At first, four swordsmen hired to bring back a runaway concubine appear to be competent mercenaries, but soon prove themselves to be a bunch of incompetent buffoons. Their leader, Yae-rang, only has one fighting stance: to drop his sword, make faces at the enemy and pinch his own nipples. Yo-i, is just as idiotic, but at least has a touch of humanity as he works as a mercenary only to earn money for his kid sister. The four take the concubine and her lover into custody, but also accidentally manage to somehow ruin the chance for the ghosts of five murdered courtesans to ascend to heaven. The warriors agree to kill the man responsible which will set the ghosts free, but they must be taught a few tricks by the ghosts as their existing martial arts skills are nearly useless.

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drynwhyl said...

Thank you! It worked fine for me, pretty curious what the film would be like.

drynwhyl said...

Hmm, maybe it is just me, but there are no English subtitles included, both versions are Korean subtitles...

Aziangenius said...

Click on the vobsub icon then choose English for the subtitle

zogun285 said...

can you upload back part 8? the file was not available anymore...

Anonymous said...

you can download the whole movie and much more for free at
heres the direct link to romantic assassins

Anonymous said...

love this movie, THANKS!!!

Catalina said...

Hi, i'm searching for the name of an asian movie; it's about a girl taht only goes out at night because she suffers some disease and is "alergic" to the sun so she lives looking thought the window.
The girl is also a song writter and falls for some guy she sees everyday in the bus stop infront of her house.
Hope someone remembers this movie and the name

zogun285 said...

If I'm not wrong, I think he movie that you're searching is Taiyou no Uta. The lead actress is Yui.