Thoof - a very useful website

Are you an addicted internet surfer that spends hours to look for interested websites and news? Have you found a place that worth spending your time to read your favorite news and websites? How great would it be to have your personalized news organized for your already when you are logged in?

I recently came across this great website Throof which has a large collection of interesting news, websites, videos, and other useful information. For addicted readers, one of the great thing about Proof is it automatically selects stories that most likely you are interested in based on the previous stories that you have read. You can easily save stories that you like or get rid of the ones you don't like with an ease of a mouse click. You can also vote for the stories for the sake of all other readers.
If you are a blog owner and would like to increase your traffic, you can sign up for an account at Throof and submit your stories. All you need to do is have your stories ready and click the submit button and copy-paste it to Throof. And you can also add a little ThoofRank Badge at the bottom of your post which is used to measure how interesting a story is to readers with interests in common with the story. I think it's a pretty cool tool to use in your blog.

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