He was cool (Korean - English sub)

Subtitle:English, Korean
Duration:114 Minutes

Song Seung Heon as Ji Eun Song
Jung Da Bin as Han Ye-Won
Lee Ki-Woo as Kim Han Sung
Kim Ji-Hye as Kim Hyo Bin
Geunomeon Meoshiteotda (aka He was Cool)


The film is based on a novel written by
Gulyeoni. The story is about a cheerful high school student named Han
Ye Won. She is a sweet, clumsy and warm girl. On the other side there
is Ji Eun Song, a student from vocational school and well-known as a
bully. He is hot- tempered and rude but deep inside he is longing to be

One day, clumsily, Ye-Won leaves a message on the school website to reply to Ji Eun Song's impolite message. She is shocked when someone calls her mobile and threatens her. Gradually, her best friend, Lee Kyung Won, tells her who Ji Eun Song is. Ji Eun Song sends Han Ye-Won a message on her mobile: he will wait for her in front of the main gate. She is so scared that she and Lee Kyung Won decide to jump over the school wall. Unfortunately, the moment Ye-Won jumps, Ji Eun Song is standing exactly at the other side of wall. She falls on him and accidentally their lips meet. Raising his voice, Eun Song asks for her responsibility; she is astonished. His friend explains that Eun Song has never even held hands with a girl. Since she is the first girl who kisses him, as a consequence she must marry him.

The story continues very fast, at the beginning Ye-won doesn’t have any feelings for Eun Song, she even rejects his invitation to come to his birthday party. Unknowingly, Eun Song has fallen in love with her; but he is not the kind of guy who knows how to express his inner feelings. He is jealous when Ye-Won is approached by other guys but he doesn’t know how to be with someone he loves.

Although he is rude and bad-tempered, Eun Song always pardons Ye-Won’s faults and clumsiness. One thing he couldn't bear was when he found out that Ye-Won went out with Kim Han Sung, his senior and the one he hates a lot. The broken-hearted Ji-Eun Song decides to leave Korea following his mother to the USA. Will Ye-Won reunite with Eun Song or accept Han Sung's love? I will leave the answer for you.

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mill0506 said...

I'm a new fan of this blog and appreciate you guys who share movie.
Well, I found a problem. For 'He was cool', the 1stpart cannot be downloaded. Maybe you need to upload it again. Please check it out. I'looking forward to watching this movie.


Aziangenius said...

Just check back to the site later, the server must have been too busy to respond. It happens all the time, so always come back.

Anonymous said...

Hi there great links thanks;)

Part was is deleted due to inactivity, can you please upload it again? The rest is okay.

Thanks and gretings from the Netherlands


Anonymous said...

sorry just noticed that part.1 and part.8 are deleted due to inactivity, would be nice to have them though;)


Best regards,