Sex and the Beauties (Chinese-English sub)

Release Info:
Domestic Release
Color Film
Year Released: 2004
RunTime: 101 Min.
Subtitled in English
Release Language: Cantonese

Description for Sex and the Beauties DVD
Like the groundbreaking television series SEX AND THE CITY, this funny,
sexy comedy focuses on the lives of a group of women friends in Hong
Kong, who gather regularly to talk about sex and the men in their
lives. The lovely Selina (Carina Lau) leads the group, who call
themselves the "Eight Ladies Club," as they navigate the perils of love
in a glamorous, urban environment. In addition to gorgeous Lau, SEX AND
THE BEAUTIES also stars Cecilia Cheung (RUNNING ON KARMA) and Athena
Chu (A CHINESE ODYSSEY TWO), along with a plethora of star-studded
cameo appearances.

Download here:

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