My Scary Girl (Korean with English Sub)

A timid college lecturer, Dae-woo, who is smart but has never been in love, meets a mysterious but charming woman, Mi-na. With no skills to win a date, he asks her out awkwardly. To his surprise, she accepts. And as a first time lover, he behaves very unnaturally. However, as they fall in love, Dae-woo discovers some disquieting things about Mi-na. Although she claims to be an intellectual and an artist, she has never heard of Crime and Punishment, nor has she heard of Mondrian although one of his paintings hangs in her living room. But Mi-na has even more terrible secrets.

Year: 2006
Director: Son Jae-Gon
Actors: Park Yong-Woo, Choi Kang-Hee and Cho Eun-Ji
Length: 110 min
Sub: English

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ii jOn said...

movie was maaad funny... thanks for the upload

Neo said...

hey, thanx for the movie,
but i got a problem... u.u
when i download the part 2
it always stops downloading when it reaches about 9.5 MB downloaded

i think there's a problem whit the link or something
can you reupload it please??
i would be very happy if you do it =]

By the way, i like your page, i really love asian movies...
better if they are gore movies >=]

nice work =]

Anonymous said...

how do i watch the whole movie? do i have to combine the files or something?

SweeMin said...