The easiest $20 you will ever make in your life - Amazing ( I swear on my blog's reputation)

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Unbelievable, I have to tell you guys this. This afternoon, I just did some research for computer because I need one for school soon. I ended up looking at this item on Ebay. I usally buy stuff on Ebay, so I always google for Paypal or Ebay's coupon. And lucky me, I finally found this guy, and he posted how to get a $20 for doing nothing. No credit card, no nothing, just your email and Paypal account, and a telephone (or cellphone number). EVERYTHING I SAID HERE IS TRUE, THIS IS NOT A SCAM, IF THIS IS A SCAM, DON'T COME BACK TO MY BLOG ANYMORE. I SWEAR ON MY BLOG'S REPUTATION.
As you can see in the pic, I just got a $20, I'm wicked happy man. Here is how it works. Ebay about to launch this program that allows you to bid through your phone (home phone and cellphone) even text messaging. So they need some testers for them. In return, you will get $20 through your paypal. Here are some qualifications for this program.
  1. To qualify for the $20 sign up bonus, the user must register and use the service to bid on an auction using their phone within 30 days. The $20 sign up bonus is for new users only.
  2. New users MUST USE their phones TO BID ON AN AUCTION WITHIN 30 DAYS from date of sign up. This promotional offer cannot be transferred or forwarded.
  3. TO QUALIFY, USERS MUST HAVE AN EBAY FEEDBACK SCORE OF 10 OR MORE (or the user must have been a registered eBay user for over 12 months).
  4. The $20 Sign Up Bonus is limited to one (1) per valid eBay account.
  5. The $20 Sign Up Bonus is valid only to legal residents of the US and Canada.
If you do have an Ebay account for over 12 months or a feedback over 10, hurry up and email me at Gotta be quick before the promotion is over. THIS IS FOR REAL.

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