100 Days with Mr. Arrogant (Korean with English sub)

AKA: Slave Love
AKA: My Love Ssagajy
Year: 2004
Director: Shin Dong-Yeop
Cast: Ha Ji-Won, Kim Jae-Won, Kim Tae-Hyun, Han Min, Yong Seon-Hee, Hong Ji-Young, Kim Chang-Wan, Lee Eung-Kyung
Story: Ha-young, a high school student, wishes to meet her prince charming, and one day her dream comes true. Sort of. She’s having ‘one of those days’, when she hits Hyung-joon, a university student, who is driving his expensive Lexus430. The car ends up against a wall with a scratch on the front. Ha-young, miraculously escapes the scene and leaves behind a furious Hyung-joon.
Hyung-joon is not ready to let this go and decides to track down Ha-young and make her pay for the reparation. Ha-young unfortunately doesn’t have the money Hyung-joon wants, so between them, they sign an agreement. Ha-young has to be Hyung-joon’s slave for the next hundred days. Cleaning his house and his car, carrying his shopping bags and even assisting him with his school reports, it will be a nightmare for Ha-young, until she discovers that Hyung-joon lied about the price of the reparations. From then on, it’s payback time for Ha-young.

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The Cutie Catcher said...

This is a great video! I grabbed some screen shots and put them on my blog:

Check it out if you want to seem more cuties like Ha Ji-Won.

Of course, I also made a link back to here.

You have GREAT CONTENT! Keep it coming!

Jeanette said...

Do you think you could upload this to MegaUpload? The site you uploaded it to isn't working. ~.~; I really want to see it! XD Thank you for uploading great movies! ^.^