Attack The Gas Station (K-movie with English subtitle - Funny movie)

Runtime: 1 hour, 52 minutes
MPAA Rating: R - pervasive language and violent behavior
Genre: Comedies, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Satire.
Director: Kim Sang-Jin
Cast: Lee Sung-Jae, Yu Oh-Seong, Kang Seong-Jin, Yoo Ji-Tae.
Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English
Year: 1999

Four guys are siting around in a convenience store eating some ramen soup. Looking for something to do, one of them says ” Lets Attack the Gas Station again “. The 4 guys rush a corner gas station, which they robbed weeks before; they find the cash register nearly empty. While holding the staff out of sight a customer comes to the gas station, after getting paid for the gas they decide to take the whole gas station hostage and pump gas for personal profit. The night is only starting and there is a lot in store for our would-be gas station attendants.

I recommend this one to everyone, I watched it and found it really funny. Though it's a little old, but still fun to watch.

Download here: (Choose one of these two links to download the files)
Join them with HJsplit, you can download in the help section above. For a clear view, try to watch this with VLC, to open subtitle with VLC, after unrarring the rar file, just place the subtitle file in the same directory with the movie file and right click on the screen when playing movie, choose subtitle. (You need to have DirectVobsub installed to play the subtitle)

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drsonnguyendc said...

I am using vlc media player. how come the sub title is off sinc. i tried putting a delay, but value pass 2, no subtile shows up.

thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Can you please re-up sub or send it to me. My email address:
Thank you very much
You are great