Suprise (Korean movie with English Hardsubbed)

Year: 2002
Director: Kim Jin-Sung
Cast: Shin Ha-Kyun, Lee Yo-Won, Kim Min-Hee, Kong Jyung-Hin, Kong Hyo-Jin, Kim Hak-Chul
Audio: English
Subtitle: Hardsubbed English

What would happen if you had to detain a complete stranger for 12 hours? The new Korean-language romantic comedy Surprise, starring Shin Ha-Gyun, Lee Yo-Won, and Kim Min-Hee(c) has the answer to this quandary.
Lee goes against type and plays Ha-young, the romantic heroine, while popular commercial film star Kim plays Mi-kyung, another version of her usual high-pitched, ditzy self.
Mi-kyung wants to have a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend Jung-woo (Shin), who is arriving in Seoul the next day. Her father, however, who had originally agreed to host the occasion, suddenly demands that all preparations come to a halt after he learns that her boyfriend hails from (gasp) Hawaii.
So, while Mi-kyung, looking like the Korean version of Cher from Clueless, spends the day chasing after her wealthy father to persuade him to let her have the party, she assigns Ha-young to the task of distracting her boyfriend, beginning from his arrival in Seoul in early morning until the party at night.
As detaining a complete stranger is no easy task, Ha-young is forced to resort to a variety of poorly executed shenanigans and faked accidents. Normal person would have pronounced her a madwoman and would have called law enforcement about an hour into the detainment, but Jung-woo seems only moderately irritated, and later on charmed.

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