Hinokio - Inter Galactic Love (J-movie with English subtitle)

Director: Takahiko Akiyama
Starring: Kanata Hongo, Mikako Tabe, Maki Horikita, Ryoko Kobaya
Genre: Drama / Sci-Fi
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Running Time: 111 minutes

A seamless blend of real live actors and computer generated special effects are on display in Akiyama Takahiro's Hinokio, a story about one lonely boy and his desire to reach out and connect with humanity, albeit with a futuristic twist!

Fearful and unable to leave his house since his mother's untimely death, a heartbroken, emotionally devastated twelve year old named Satoru (Kanata Hongo) withdraws himself from all contact with the outside world. However, this situation changes slightly when a technological marvel is built for him, a state-of-the-art robot nicknamed Hinokio! With the help of his robot doppelganger, Satoru is able to take the first tentative steps to reconnecting with the world around him, sending Hinokio to grade school in his stead.

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Part1 Part2 Part3

This is a really sweet movie, you all should watch it. Here is a review I found on the web, a really moved movie.
"To be completely honest, this is a film that I had little to no interest in watching. However, because a couple of my Internet friends seemed quite interested in it, I decided to give it a shot. Now I am glad I did. I was concerned at first that the film was going to be nothing more than a kid makes friends with a robot film, but Hinokio does not fall into this overdone plot device. Instead this film delves into a number of the ills of modern society in a fresh and entertaining manner.
The film opens with Hinokio making its entrance into an otherwise mundane homeroom class consisting of such students as the nerdy Joichi, the hyperactive Kenta, and the teacher's pet Sumire. Also in the classroom is the moody Jun who, although a bit intrigued with the new "student", is not overly impressed by the new arrival. We soon learn that Iwamoto Satoru a young boy who is rehabilitating from a car accident controls Hinokio. The robot allows him to attend school and interact with other students while he recuperates at home. However, instead of being warmly embraced by his new classmates, Satoru, or Hinokio, is the victim of pranks. However, after he refuses to tattle on Jun, Kenta, and Joichi, the four soon become friends.
While Satoru's relationship with his friends, especially with Jun, is the primary story, Satoru's relationship with his father, who the boy blames for the death of his mother, is also central to the film. Because of his reluctance to interact with the outside world and muteness with his father, Satoru resembles a Hikikomori, or shut-in, a social ill that has spread in modern Japanese society.
At times humorous and at times quite moving, Hinokio is a good film to watch for those immersed in the violent films of Miike Takashi or the nostalgic oeuvre of Ozu Yasujiro. It reminds us that there are other films that while not overly artistic can really move an audience or just make one smile."

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Rin said...

Thank you for so much work!
You know,some parts of Hinokio are deleted. Could you please update them?
It would be really great! :)

Aureliano said...

I came here though LJ (http://community.livejournal.com/jdramas/1233846.html) to say thank you for uploading this movie. I dl'ed it long ago, but get to watch just today.
I'm thinking of buying a DVD someday, and without your post I'd never know about it.
Thanks a lot. I tried to click some ad-links at your blog, but they weren't working. Maybe some other day I'll try again.
Greets from Moscow, Russia.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your efforts!
i have been finding for a long time for a Subtitled Hinokio Inter Galatic Love!
But the problem is.I can't download.It says that there is no more country slot for me.And it ask me to wait for a few hours.Is there any way that i can download this movie without install the megaupload programmer?

Thank you for your kindness^_^