Do you want a chance to win a HP gear?

Have you ever wanted a HP Digtal Photo Printing and a digital printer for your Christmas? Watch this video to learn how to get a free HP gear for doing fun stuff.

I really love what PPP team is doing, they always try to get people doing all kind of crazy but fun stuff at the same time. I can't believe they made that poor lady running around taking pictures in such a cold weather. They even wrote on her face with black ink, I would never let anyone write anything on my face. Well, at least that lady is having the best time of her life, maybe she hasn't done anything fun lately so she gets all worked up and excited during the entire scavenger hunt. Wow, she won almost $400 at the end and a HP gear, that's freaking awesome. I wish the Postie Patrol team ran into us in Boston, I would love to tell my cousin to be the contestant for me. Anyways, hats off to Robyn Nykaza for being such a good athlete running in the bitter cold with the Postie Patrol team.

This post is sponsored by HP.

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