Love Letter (Korean drama with English hardsubbed)

Title: Love letter a.k.a Leo-beu Le-teo
Year Aired: 2003
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Main Cast: Soo Ae, Jo Hyun Jae, Ji Jin Hee, Son Hyun Joo, Kim Yoon Kyung

Lee Woo-Jin (Jo Hyun-Jae) became an orphan at a young age. He lived with his cruel and abusive aunt who made him do hard labor and neglected him. His only hope was to be rescued. Then one day his long lost uncle, Father Peter, entered into his life and saved him from his torturous world. From that day on, little Lee Woo-Jin started believing in God. Lee Woo-Jin wanted to be called Andrew from then on because he learned from Father Peter that "Andrew" was the name given to him from his mother. As the years go by, Andrew grows up to be a gentle, optimistic youth. Andrew meets Cho Eun-Ha (Soo Aeh) who comes to the orphanage because her parents had died. Alone and mourning, a sad Eun-Ha forces herself into isolation but a willful Andrew fights his way to becoming her friend. They soon become good friends and share the best of their teenage years together. As Eun-Ha's friendship blossoms into love for Andrew, she learns of his life long dream to become a priest. Devastated, she hides away her heart and her true love. Andrew and Eun-Ha are accepted into medical school in Seoul where they meet Jung Woo-Jin (Ji Jin-Hee). Both of them have the same given name and soon become better acquaintences. Meanwhile, Jung Woo-Jin starts to have feelings for Eun-Ha and tries his best to charm her. As Andrew's two best friends gradually become closer and closer, he feels an emptiness and realizes for the first time that he has lost his heart to Eun-Ha...

Download here:
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7 Part8
Part9 Part10 Part11 Part12 Part13 Part14 Part15 Part16
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7 Part8
Part9 Part10 Part11 Part12 Part13 Part14 Part15 Part16

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Anonymous said...

Ep15 link is not available. Hope you can fix the link coz I want to finish watching this drama. Thanks

Nurul said...

thanks a lot 4 da links download! love u!!!

ghasedak said...

reupload this series again, plz