How I long for a new HP photo gear 0-_-0

As you can guess from my nickname, Aziangenius, I am an Asian and a very smart guy. My GPA in high school is 4.1 because all of my classes are honor and AP. Well, that's not all about me, a lot of Asian chicks somehow consider me pretty damn cute, they call me Mr. puppy . Now I am in college, and you know what they say about college,
is an avenue to and . After many days and nights struggling my asianality, I finally decided to become a bad guy, or a player . I went shopping and upgraded myself a little bit, and I can't believe in my eyes when I look in the mirror, the former white and nerdy now has become a totally new person, a sexy guy. Amazingly, I suddenly become quite attractive to many cute Asian girls , and I have been receiving phone numbers and unwanted calls ever since. For a few months, I even dated two to three girls at the same time. I barely have any time for my schoolwork and my grades started to drop. And before I know, my report card was sent home. With all of those bad grades that I recently received, my parents were , they said they would stop support me. Now, that just scares the hell out of me, my tuition is $40,000 a year, not including money I spend on books, clothes, and other stuff. I can't afford to pay for everything even if I get another job beside my current job at . To me, getting a good education is to success of my life, I can't just throw everything away now, especially when I made it to this far. So I said to myself, I rather be a nerd, have a and family and live a life. Well, it's not too bad to be a nerd after all, but have to say goodbye to all of those cute Asian angels is too cruel for me. Taking girl out on every single night has damaged my account, now I have nothing but sadness written all over my face. So my wish for this year is to have a nice HP and a so that I could take digital photos of all of the girls that I dated during the happiest time of my life. I would hang these pictures in my room so that those unforgettable won't go away as time goes by. I hope my Christmas wish will come true.

This is a true story written about a true life of a true person, Aziangenius.
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