A moment to remember (K-movie)

Year: 2004
Genre: Romance
Director: John H. Lee
Cast: Jung Woo-Sung, Son Ye-Jin, Baek Jong-Hak
Running Time: 144 minutes
Audio: Korean
Subtitle: English hardsub

A Moment to Remember (2005) is a touching and interesting. Story evolves around Su-jin (Song Ye-jin from the Art of Seduction, Lovers Concerto, The Classic) and Chul-soo (Jung Woo Sung). Su-jin is a designer, a forgetful one as well. She meets Chul-soo in a convenient store and love blossoms between them soon after. However, throughout the movie you’ll get the message that something is not right about Su-jin. Yeap, it turns out that she’s suffering from Alzheimer disease (a bit too young for her, right?). Her memory slowly fades away. Chul-soo tries his best to help her but life has to move on. “Do not always feel happy about your life. Life can be cruel and unpredictable”. It’s definitely unbearable to lose a loved one in the helpless fight against such disease (eating your memory away). There’s nothing much can be done but to continue to support them and help them to stay strong. After watching this movie, I really cannot imagine how will I live life on if this “eraser” exists in my brain. Not remembering your family, your friends and even yourself. Well, if it happens, I think I would have forgotten about this issue afterall. So no point worrying now. =) Just cherish and live life everyday as if it’s the last one. Yeah! and also cherish the people around you because you’ll never know when is the last time you’ll be seeing them, in this movie, remembering them.

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