Two guys (Korean movie with English subtitle)

Director: Park Hun-Soo
Cast: Park Jung-hun, Cha Tae-Hyeon, Han Eun-Jeong
Release year: 2004
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 116 minutes
Audio: Korean
Subtitle: English

Hoon (Cha Tae- hyun) is good at driving, seducing women, and getting credit card loans. He is always pressed to pay back his debts, but he’s never bothered. One day, Joong-tae (Park Joong-hoon), a debt collector, came to him telling him that if he doesn’t pay the debt, he will take Hoon’s kidney instead. Once, Hoon and Tae takes a drunken foreigner to the hotel. Meanwhile, Hoon and Tae witnesses the foreigner being killed, and the suitcase falls into their hands. The suitcase contained a semi-conductor that was newly developed in Korea. Now the two were being chased by foreign spies and Korean intelligence agents

Download here:
Depositfiles: Part1 Part2 Part3
Megaupload: Part1 Part2 Part3

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

When I try to play this video, the sound doesn't work. Do you have any ideas? Thanks. The e-mail is

Aziangenius said...

You need to install the codec package so you can hear the sound. Download it from the help section, located in the right hand side bar.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I downloaded the movie, but I don't see any English subtitles...? Do I have to download something, or does it just not have subs, even though the title says there's English subtitles.

Aziangenius said...

there are three files, one is video file and the other two are subtitle files. In order to play the sub, you need to install Vobsub first, please download vobsub from the help section. Hope this helps.

Piyush said...


Thanks a lot for the awesome quality!